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BTR-Plating Resources has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and service by continuously searching for cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly processes to meet our customer's ever changing requirements.

Our ISO 9001 registered facilities and the finishes they provide meet or exceed specifications of the automotive, aerospace, electrical and nuclear power, fasteners, truck and trailer, construction, locomotive, military, marine, restoration, telecommunications and various other industrial markets.

The finishes described are formulated to meet the specific requirements of the base material and the end use of the parts to provide high quality cosmetic appearance, superior functionality and corrosion resistance.

BTR-Plating Resources offers the following:

Barrel & Rack Plating

Cadmium, Bright Copper, Bright Nickel-Chrome, Industrial Hard Chrome, Bright Nickel, Zinc and Electroless Nickel Plating

Industrial Painting

Electro-Coat (e-coat), Powder-Coat and oven cured Liquid Top Coat Paint

Other Surface Coatings & Finishes

Color Chromates, Bright Dipping, Alodine, Iridite, Chemical Conversion Coatings, Electro-Polish, Passivating

Services & Capabilities

ISO9002 Registered, Salt Spray and Humidity Testing, Customized Production Processes, Packaging/Drop Shipping, Sorting, Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief.

Competitive Prices; Consistent Quality; Courteous Personal Service & On Time Delivery.
 That’s the formula that has made us a respected leader in the industry.

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We value and take great pride in our customer's confidence
and pledge to not compromise that trust.