Electrocoating is a method of painting parts by immersing them in a bath of water-thinned environmentally friendly paint which uses electrical current to deposit the paint film evenly on all surfaces. The process works on the principal of "Opposites Attract". An e-coat system applies a DC charge to a metal part immersed in a bath of oppositely charged paint particles. The paint particles are drawn to the metal part and paint is deposited on the part, forming an even, continuous film over every surface, in every crevice and corner, until the coating reaches the desired thickness.

At our 140,000 square foot facility we operate two electrocoating lines with tank capacity in excess of 23 feet :

1) a monorail system with a 9 stage pretreatment with 3 post rinse cycles and an overhead curing oven capable of handling parts up to 23" x 23" x 72"

2) a programable hoist line with a 7 stage pretreatment system with 2 post rinse cycles and 3 curing ovens capable of painting parts as large as 52" x 66" x 23'

3) both e-coat lines apply PPG Powercron 6000CX lead free HAPS free paint

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Advantages of E-Coat

Uniform film coverage coating on all recessed areas
The uniform coating resists corrosion
The coating contains very little water, thereby eliminating runs or sags
Waste is minimal, drastically reducing material costs
Lead-Free Film
Lead-Free Effluent
Reduced Emissions
Virtually Solvent-Free

To complement our PPG Powercron� 6000CX E-coat lines we have two Powder Coat and two Class A Automotive Approved  Oven Cured Liquid Topcoat lines:

1) A state of the art overhead conveyor with two electrostatic disc spray booths with color stacks with the ability to spray both single component high bake paints and plural component paints with catalyst activators utilizing the Graco Pro-Mix System which will cure paint in excess of 300 on parts as large as 18" x 24" x 72"

2) A floor mounted conveyor line with spray booths and unlimited color selections with the ability to cure paint in excess of 180

3) both liquid topcoat paint lines apply PPG lead free HAPS free paint

Liquid Topcoating allows us to provide a superior quality finishing coat on top of the primed surface that will offer ultimate corrosion and chemical resistance.

The Liquid Topcoat process includes a sprayed on finish using a variety of paints and finishes that meet standard OEM specifications, Class A, and automotive exterior and interior finish qualities.

Liquid Topcoat is the final finish in the electrocoat process to fully protect your e-coated metal parts and products. Liquid Topcoat can be applied to virtually any e-coated product or material.