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Our Mission Statement: To provide our customers with the highest quality plating and finishing at the most competitive prices possible. To provide our employees with a safe and friendly workplace environment. To help improve the world we live in by adhering to environmentally sound practices.  To value our customer's  confidence and never compromise that trust.

BTR-Plating Resources is one of the largest and most diverse job-shop metal finishing companies located in Northeast Ohio. For over twenty years we have offered a wide selection of high quality surface finishes including the electroplating of cadmium, copper, hard chrome, nickel, bright nickel-chrome, tin, zinc to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Also available are cleaning/pickling, passivation, polymer and organic coatings, bright dipping and electro-polishing of stainless steel, electroless nickel plating, e-coat, powder coat, and industrial liquid top coat painting.

The management team at BTR-Plating Resource has over 80 years combined experience in metal finishing and job shop operations and management.  Additionally, we have considerable technical background in the research and development of the products we use. Application of this knowledge has enabled us to help many customers switch from inefficient expensive coatings to more competitive finishes, resulting in significant savings.

Our success has been achieved by working closely with our customers through "solution selling", i.e., identifying problems in applications and proposing economically feasible and technically sound solutions.

We continue to invest in new state of the art equipment, technologies and chemistry that operate more efficiently while using less energy with minimal impact to the environment at no additional costs to our customers.

We firmly believe that keeping our environment GREEN is everyone's responsibility. To that end we insure that our facilities are RoHs compliant and that we operate in full accordance with RoHs regulations and the documentation of testing for RoHs controlled substances.

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